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Digital marketing is simply described as the act of promoting and selling products and services through various online marketing methods like social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. In simple words, we can say that digital marketing is just marketing-nothing else.

Now you can ask that “what is the difference between marketing and digital marketing?

There are so many differences between marketing and digital marketing. But the most advantageous one is that you can find your targeted audience through digital marketing and generate leads easily for your organization. After reading this article you will not only understand digital marketing but also become able to do digital marketing for ownself and for any other organization.

What are the types of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing can be divided into 5 main categories: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing. Let us understand all these 5 categories one by one.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one the best method for digital marketing. Better SEO increases your page ranking in Google, Bing, etc. search results. SEO can be done by writing SEO-friendly articles. Now it comes to your mind that what is SEO friendly article and how we can write an SEO-friendly article? Well SEO friendly article contains three things: Keywords and keyword targeting, Link structure, Content indexing. Now let’s discuss this one by one.

Keywords and Keyword Targeting: Whenever you want to write an SEO-friendly article. First of all, you have to find a perfect keyword on which you want to write an article and rank it. For this, you can use google keyword planner which provides you an overall data about that particular keyword like web traffic on that particular keyword, competition, and many more things. After finding a keyword just google it and see the search results. Now, Google has so many suggestions on your keyword. Select all that suggestions and pile up all these and write a balanced article and use all these keywords in your article’s heading or subheadings. Now when you are writing an article please note that you have to write this in simple language because it increases the readability of your article. Please try to write an article in more than 2500 words. Now I hope you have done with your article.

Link Structure: It is important that search engines can “crawl” your site structure to easily find all the content on your site. There are many things that an SEO specialist can do to properly format links, URLs, and sitemaps to make them most accessible to site crawlers.

Content indexing – It is important to allow search engines to clearly “read” what your site content is, by doing things like adding alt text for images and text transcripts for video and audio content.

Note: To write a good article you should add Images and Videos to it. You also have to properly connect your article through anchor links and also link similar articles to it.


This is another type of digital marketing. In Pay-Per-Click, you can advertise your product with the help of an advertiser. You have to pay an advertising fee to your advertiser and they show your ads on your desired keywords. Like if I have written a book and I have to advertise this book on google. Then before advertising, I have to select those keywords in which I want to show my ads. Like if anyone googles for cars and then my book advertisement is showing there then this is useless. Because I know that a person who is searching for a car maybe he is not interested in buying my book at that time. So I have to select some keywords which are related to my product, like the best book to read, best storybook, etc. In this advertising method, you can also select where you want to show your ads, which means you want to show your ads in India or in the USA, or all over the world.

But this type of advertisement is totally different from other modes of digital advertisement. Because by this method you are not getting any organic view. Simply you pay and you get views. But there are also some advantages of this. Like if your product is worthy and you think that when a user clicks on your ads then he feel the worthiness of your product. Then it will benefit you in another manner like you can ask your visitors for their emails and after some time you can create an email marketing for free of cost.

If you want use this advertising method then Google advertisement is one of the best service provider in that. Here you can easily find your perfect keywords for your product and Google’s user friendly interface also helps to create an attractive advertisement.

Social Media Marketing

These days people are rapidly increasing on social media and now social media becomes part and partial of everyone’s life. This evolution also makes advertisement much easier than before. Here you can write posts related to your article and share this on social media and when people will see your posts they easily contact you. In social media marketing consistency matters, so you have to post repeatedly.

Using analytics is the most important part of social media marketing. By using analytics you can easily find that are people interested in your product or not. You can do it manually or you can run ads also. There are so many social media platforms that help you promote your product on social media. They provide you to customized your ads and shoe those ads to interested people. Facebook, Instagram, etc. are the most popular social media platforms where you can run your ads and get the desired result for your business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another type of marketing in this a brand creates awareness of his product by sharing information or storytelling. This can be done through writing blog posts, e-books, digital videos, podcasts, etc. For content marketing, you can also hire content creators who create content for you and share that content with their audience.

Content marketing is totally based on trust and it will build a long-term relationship with your customers. So before doing content marketing please make sure that your product is worthy of it because if your product failed to gain trust then it will harm you in long term.

Email Marketing

Even with the emergence of social media, mobile applications, and other channels, email is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. It can be part of a content marketing strategy, providing value to consumers and over time convert an audience into customers. Email marketing pros not only know how to create compelling campaigns, but they also understand optimal audience outreach and are skilled at analyzing customer interactions and data, and making strategic decisions based on that data.

For email marketing, you need emails of your customers. Now how to can get those emails. For this you can create an ad campaign in which you can offer anything for free but when any customer wants to avail of that free offer he has to register with their email address. In this way, you can get the emails and now you can use their emails to promote your product or you this will also you in cross-selling your products.

What is the salary in digital marketing?

When you are trying to opt for digital marketing as a career then there are so many things come in your mind. You will be very curious to know about the salaries which you get from this job. Here I am trying to solve your all queries about digital marketing based on personal experience.

Today, in the time of pandemic mostly people trying to work from home. Digital marketing is a job that you can do from your home and the demand for digital marketing is growing day by day. There are a variety of wings and opportunities in digital marketing and you can expect good pay perks in them. Depending upon role and work here we will provide the average salary here.

Content marketing

If you love writing and you want to make your career in this field then as a fresher you can expect a salary anywhere between 12k-20k. As a content marketer, your role is to create content for any particular product. Of course, you have to be a good writer, and also your pay perks depend on knowledge and the organization you are working for.

Digital Marketing Manager

Starting a career as a digital marketing manager will bring in lots of responsibilities. You shall be managing all the aspects of digital marketing so you must possess all the required qualifications and working experience for that. If you join a company as a digital marketing executive then your pay will range between Rs.22k- 45k.

Email Marketing Executives

If you join an organization as an Email Marketing Executive then it is your work to forward emails to the targeted audience to generate leads and sell your organization’s product. The salary ranges from Rs.15k-25k per month.

Social Media Marketing

Working as a social media marketing executive you will have to attract the customers through social media. In an average company, salary lies between Rs.15000-35000.

SEO Marketing

The most popular job profile is SEO marketing executive, as you will be responsible for ranking the websites on the search engines. The salary remains in the range of Rs.15k-35k.

Many people also work as a freelancer. There are so many platforms like Fiver which provide you work and you can earn through freelancing. Another way to earn from digital marketing is by starting your own blog. You can do all these things to your blog and monetize it from Google AdSense. Here your earning depends on your blog reach. There are so many people who earn a huge amount from their blog.

Is Digital Marketing a good career?

What’s interesting and beneficial about the job market for digital professionals is that there is huge competition for skilled talent regardless of industry. This means that individuals with the right skills can negotiate for great salaries but also land great benefits and perhaps even bonuses depending on their role.

Is digital marketing a high paying job?

It is also one of the most lucrative careers out there. According to a 2018 IMAI report, online advertising in India was set to grow 30% year-on-year. If you are aspiring for one of the best digital marketing jobs in India, the salary package is not the only factor.

What are the highest paying jobs in digital marketing?

The highest paying digital marketing jobs include CMO, VP of MarTech Solution, and VP of digital marketing. — Mondo, 2019. Some of the most valuable skills needed to attain those jobs include, MarTech solutions, SEO skills, and Google analytics knowledge.

How do I become a digital marketer?

Digital marketing is not an easy nut to crack. To become a digital marketer you have to be a learner. You have to learn lots of things. But before pursuing digital marketing as a career you have to know about what is digital marketing. When you know about digital marketing then you have to get an overall idea about Digital Marketing Essentials, how to do SEO, Master PPC Advertising, how to Build Social Media Marketing Skills, how to implement Content Marketing Campaigns, Learn how email marketing works, Building team management skills, Learn how to use data analysis / Reporting tools, Stay Updated on the Latest Digital Marketing Trends.

You can learn all these things through google free resources and you can also buy courses from internet. There are so many YouTube channels who provide free digital marketing courses, you can also learn from them. But in my opinion if you have no money to invest them you can use these free resources and get an idea about digital marketing and them you can start working for your own and learn from your work.

What are the 5 D’s of digital marketing?

Digital Device, Digital Platforms, Digital Media, Digital Data, and Digital Technology are the 5 D’s of Digital Marketing. Let us understand the 5’D of digital marketing one by one.

Digital Devices

Digital Devices include devices that are used by people almost every day. These devices can be used to target an audience for marketing purposes. Laptop and desktop computers, Mobile phones, Tablets, Smart TVs, Gaming devices, and Smartwatches are examples of digital devices.

Digital Platforms

Digital platforms are those platforms where users interact on a regular basis. These digital platforms can be used for getting customers and marketing purposes. Social media, Search engines, and Websites are examples of digital platforms.

Digital Media

Digital Media are of two types paid and owned. In paid mode, you can products can be promoted by popular digital media creators, and in owned mode, you can promote products through your own channels to reach your audience. Social media marketing, Messaging, and Email marketing are examples of digital media.

Digital Data

Digital Data are data about your target audience being used to achieve a marketing goal. Generally, data about your target audience can be captured via Contact forms, Surveys, and Apps.

Digital Technology

Digital Technology is all about the technology being used with a marketing objective. Some examples are Artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented reality (AR), and Virtual reality (VR).

Top digital marketing books

There are so many books available in the market to learn about the digital marketing. Here I am suggesting to few books which is recommended by most of the people. You can purchase these books from Amazon.

Fundamentals of digital marketing

The fundamental of digital marketing is to understand the different aspects of digital marketing tools in order to improve the brand value and business. To understand the basics of digital marketing you have to learn about SEO, Web analytics, Online advertising, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Online video marketing. After learning these things you will become able to understand the basics of digital marketing then you can choose a field in which you think that you can do better than others.

Top reasons you need a digital marketing strategy

Let us discuss about the 10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy one by one:

1. Opportunities

This is a perfect time to shift your traditional business marketing strategy to digital marketing. Today a large part of the population is willing to stay at home and their dependency is also shifted from offline to online. This time many businesses come up with new ideas to ease people living in different manners. So this is a big opportunity which can be availed.

2. Content

Content is king“, you may be listening this from most of the people. In the world of digital marketing, a well-written content is always appreciated. Good content does does not mean a content-rich in keywords. Keywords matter but the quality of content matters more. So writing a well balanced article matters a lot for any orginasation and you can do this by providing contents differ from others.

3. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations. It builds relationships and creates authentic experiences with customers and buyers. It saves time, shortens lead cycles, and can decrease overheads, leaving your staff more time to concentrate on other areas of the business.

4. UX

What does UX have to do with digital marketing? More than you might think. Google Search now factors so-called “UX signals” into its rankings. Improving your UX will not only improve your organic ranking but make it easier for your customers to navigate your site and convert. Win-win.

5. Google my business

The demand for local search is significant, in fact over a billion users rely on google maps every single month. With domestic borders still closed across the country, people are relying on shopping local more than ever. If you haven’t claimed your Google business listing then this will be a sure-fire way to increase your digital marketing presence quickly and cheaply.

6. Personalisation

Personalisation matters, and not just for companies that operate in B2C markets. In fact, almost 75% of business buyers are now expecting vendors to personalise engagements for their needs. A good starting point is personalising and segmenting your customers and delivering them hyper-targeted and relevant email content. By targeting your emails specifically to customer groups can lead to a 200% increase in conversions and a 60 per cent email open rate.

7. Social media marketing

Social media usage continues to climb both in terms of the number of new app downloads and the time people are spending on the platforms. It is never too late to adapt or adopt a hyper-effective and engaging social strategy. This can include organic posts and social commerce. With the adaption of platforms like Instagram and Facebook pushing shoppable posts and shop tabs on the apps, it represents an important new sales channel. With 60% of Instagram users saying they find new products on Instagram.

8. Paid ads

As we mentioned in the intro of this post, paid ads continue to be of the utmost importance. With Facebook ad revenue alone predicted to sore past $94 billion USD in 2021. As more companies pause their advertising spend global CPC is down, this can mean that there is an opportunity to take advantage of lower ad costs due to fewer bids on keywords. This can also mean that there is less competition and could mean more clicks. LinkedIn will continue to be relevant for B2B companies with statistics suggesting that 1 in 2 users read and open LinkedIn sponsored messages.

9. Webinars and online events

With many in-person events being cancelled this year, there has been a sharp increase in virtual and online events. This trend will likely continue far into next year. When done right webinars can establish and grow your authority in your industry and can also generate a ton of leads. Don’t forget to keep your audience in mind, your brand tone of voice consistent and remember to consider mobile.

10. Email marketing

Campaign Monitor reported a 20% increase in email open rates in 2020. When budgets are tight, shifting focus to email marketing is a smart move. Creating a blog subscriber welcome series can deliver your most popular content automatically over a series of weeks and helping to establish your company as a thought leader. For B2C businesses abandoned cart emails continue to drive up sales. For B2B businesses, the sales cycle can be long and require many touchpoints and decision-makers, having a strong omnichannel marketing approach that includes an email nurturing cycle can help push business through.

Digital Marketing Course

There are so many institutions which provide digital marketing course at a very affordable price. Some people who achieve something bigger in their digital career also provide their video course. You can easily find these courses on the internet by simply searching digital marketing courses.

Digital Marketing Jobs

As early we discussed in this article that there are so many opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing. When you completed your course who can easily find a job in any organization or you can also work as a freelancer.

Digital Marketing By Google

Google is a giant platform where you can promote your product and make money. To do this you have to use all the tools of digital marketing and after that, you can make your organization perform better than before.

Digital Marketing Company

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