ASCON Phase IV Network

Army Static Switched Communication Network – ASCON PHASE IV NETWORK

In order to meet the long pending demand of the Indian Army, the Cabinet Committee on Security had approved the proposal for the establishment of the Army Static Switched Communication Network, ASCON Phase IV Network. It will be implemented by M/s ITI, a Public Sector Undertaking, at an estimated cost of over 7,796 crore rupees with an implementation schedule of 3 years from the date of signing of the contract. The contract was signed with M/s ITI Ltd.


ASCON Phase IV Network.
ASCON Phase IV Network.
  • The project is a strategic and theatre area communication network that will upgrade the existing Asynchronous Transfer Mode Technology to Internet Protocol, Multi-Protocol Label Switching Technology.
  • Optical Fibre Cable, Microwave Radio, and Satellite will be used as communication media.
  • The project will provide better survivability, responsiveness, and high bandwidth in any operational scenario and enhance the communication coverage of network closer to the International Border, Line of Control and Line of Actual Control.
  • The network will extend the high bandwidth communication to the remote operational areas in Central and Eastern Sectors and enhance communication reach to the forward locations in the Western border too.
  • Defence Ministry said the project would augment the communication network of the Indian Army in the sensitive forward operational areas which in turn will provide a major boost to the operational preparedness of the Indian Army especially keeping in view the current operational situation at LAC.
  • The project will provide a boost to the Indian Industry.
  • The project would generate employment opportunities especially to the people in remote border areas, support and boost the rural economy, assist in the upliftment of the local economies, provide skill development during the prolonged period of execution and maintenance of the network.

Source : AIR

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