CBSE Declares Class 12 Assessment Plan – Check Now

CBSE Declares Class 12 Assessment Plan:

On 1 June 2021, due to rising cases of coronavirus pandemic government canceled the CBSE class 12 board exams.

Now, the CBSE board proposed that the assessment for class 12 will also include the weightage of students’ performance in class 10 and class 11.

ClassComponent to be evaluatedPercentage
Class 12Marks based on Unit Test/Mid-Term/Pre-Board Exam40%
Class 11Marks based on theory component of final exam30%
Class 10Marks based on average theory component of best three performing subjectsout of main 5 subjects.30%
CBSE Class 12 Evaluation Crietria 2021

CBSE told the supreme court that about 40% of the marks will be based on the pre-board examinations or unit tests, while class 10 and class11 will each amount to 30% of the marks.

The weightage from class 11 will be taken from the final exam result, while the best-of-three from class 10 will be taken into consideration.

(It is also said that the marks for practical exams or internal assessment will be on an actual basis, meaning that uploaded by the school on the CBSE website.

How CBSE Will Ensure equity?

The CBSE has proposed to take the internal performance of the school into consideration to ensure standardization.

CBSE told the supreme court “the historical performance of the school, in terms of the best overall performance in the previous three years’ board examination, will be taken as the reference for moderating the marks assessed by the school for 2020-2021”.

For this CBSE also directed schools to form a result committee of five members for class 12 theory assessment.

The board has also directed each school to form a result committee comprising of five members. If a student is not able to meet the qualifying criteria, they will be placed in the “essential repeat” or “compartment” category.

At last Supreme Court has directed the board to do modalities for dispute resolution mechanism in the CBSE scheme itself.

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