E-Auction Portal For Kashmir Saffron

Agriculture department of Jammu and Kashmir has created an e-auction portal to promote the trading of GI-tagged “Kashmir Saffron”


  • The agriculture department of Jammu and Kashmir under the aegis of India International Kashmir Saffron Trading Centre (IIKSTC) has created a web portal in collaboration with NSE-IT.
  • The whole and sole motive behind this to assure the Saffron buyers to have access to quality ‘Kashmir Saffron’.
  • To ensure hassle-free e-trading between buyers and growers, the government requested the Saffron growers of Kashmir valley and buyers across India to register themselves as seller and buyers for e-trading on www.saffroneauctionindia.com

Key Info:

  • Kashmir Saffron is cultivated and harvested in the Karewa highlands of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Kashmir Saffron has been given a Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Geographical Indications Registry.
  • Saffron is referred to as ‘bahukam‘ in ancient Sanskrit literature.
  • The uniqueness of the ‘Kashmir Saffron
    • Kashmir Saffron is the only saffron which is grown at an altitude of 1,600 m to 1,800 m above mean sea level.
    • Kashmir Saffron has longer and thicker stigmas, natural deep-red colour, high aroma, bitter flavour and chemical-free processing.
    • It is also rich in crocin (colouring strength), safranal (flavour) and picrocrocin (bitterness).
  • Lachha Saffron, Mongra Saffron and Guchhi Saffron are the three varieties of Saffron which is grown in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Uses of Kashmir Saffron:
    • Kashmir Saffron is globally used as a spice and also as a health revitalizing.
    • It is also used in cosmetic products and medicinal purposes.


Largest producer of Saffron in the world – Iran

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