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Motivational Thoughts
Motivational Thoughts – Sunil Kumar Das


The soul is the particle of god

The soul is the particle of god and wants only the association of god. The soul is under bondage because of mind and body complex to which it is attached otherwise it is competent in itself and has no worldly requirement. Requirement feels due to the mind and body it has possessed. Body and mind make the soul feel and experience requirement of the material world to the extent to which it is justified and correct to protect the body, mind and organs, not for the soul itself. Body reports right soul feels right; body reports the wrong soul feels wrong but the soul is neutral. The soul is free if there is no mind and body. The body is the indicator and the soul is the feeler and doer. Soul fulfils the requirement of the body as body indicates and body reciprocates with pleasure or displeasure depending on the act of the soul. This happening is material and temporal but the soul has indulged in longing for material world forgetting god the supreme and therefore it is under bondage. Requires salvation. Has to sensibly detach from material factor. It should feel the value of content in it adopting minimum standard instead maximum which has no boundary. The dissatisfied soul has to face vacuity, has to wander here and there in search of satisfaction which need not required to be done. It should know the value of content in itself it has. If the soul is realized, it is happy and shelters god to unite itself leaving behind the requirement of mind and body complex which is temporary and has no permanence.

Motivational Thoughts – Spiritual – The Soul Is The Particle Of God

Wise Man Keeps Himself Balanced

Neither human common sense nor usefulness nor efforts allows to satisfy oneself by fulfilling desire after desire which has no parameter. It is quite impossible to enter space which has no boundary. Therefore, the wise man keeps himself in inward and outward balance by maintaining the value of content in his self and likes to satisfy with what he can afford and does not worry for what he cannot adopting the minimum standard because maximum has no limit. Thus he does not create trouble and remains tolerably safe and focus on duties and responsibilities of his life and clear these taking wise steps/efforts. His fate remains bright. He believes in god and god helps such man.

Motivational Thoughts – Spiritual – Wise Man Keeps Himself Balanced

Know Your Priority

Man who does not experience contentment cannot satisfy his soul inside the body. Contentment is felt inside and if it is felt soul is happy there irrespective of outer influences which need not matter for a happy soul. Man who has no content, who has no joy inside searches joy outside which has no stability and ultimately man faces revulsion. To know the self is to enjoy life in a true way and need not search joy outside any more but to forget self and search joy outside is a mirage. That is pleasure temporarily and difficulty forever. Know your priority, be cautious. Man in search of joy outside forgets remembering god and often tells he has no fear of even death but the reality is he is all fearful of death. If suddenly death attacks him his all attempts will be shattered and everything will turn into convulsion and revulsion. The truth will be far away from the grip of such a man. So try sincerely to know yourself and show humility to god with true prayer. Believe in the minimum instead of the maximum. Fulfil your real requirement without attaching with the material world.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – Know Your Priority

Your work leads you to knowledge

Your work leads you to knowledge and knowledge leads you to success, peace and god as well; but if the work and knowledge are not fair because it has no moral value, manner, behaviour with elders and discipline and you do not know how to live life properly and carefully, how can you imagine your life is satisfactory and that you are enjoying?

Motivational Thoughts For Students- Your Work Leads You To Knowledge

Pride in the religious sense is ego

Pride in the religious sense is ego. When the ego is continually filled in the mind even to the troubling extent, man gets obsessed himself and ego covers his knowledge which ultimately results in loss of intellect and consequent downfall. So pride must-have fall.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – Pride In The Religious Sense Is Ego

First consider possible consequences

First consider possible consequences, risk and danger of any action; check you are clear what is ahead of you; make sure everything is alright before and then get prepared to act accordingly to get success. This alludes to a fable about a fox who is unable to climb out of a well and persuades a goat to jump in. That is why look before you leap.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – First Consider Possible Consequences

Your Efforts And Luck

What you already possess is important. What you do not possess and trying to possess is not certain because it is depending on a chance based on your efforts and luck. In this situation, you should hold onto what you have at present until you secure to possess things better desired and do not take a risk losing present position unless the future position is fulfilled and ensured safe otherwise you will put yourself at stake. That is why a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – Your Efforts And Luck

Cut Your Coat According To Your Cloth

This saying contains in it both the basic truth and practical suggestion to everyone, implies that one should spend material resources/ money in such proportion that may not exceed what one can truly afford/ earn. Both earning and expenses should be commensurated otherwise one will be trapped in material Wantage/ difficulty. It should be avoided by knowing the availability and utility of resource/money. That is why cut your coat according to your cloth.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – Cut Your Coat According To Your Cloth

Stitch In Time

Everyone should be conscious of his problems whatever come in his way. It is better and in the right spirit to act or deal with problem/task immediately because if he waits or delays or acts at a later stage, the problem will increase and things will get worse and either it will take longer time to complete the task or if it could not be completed due to a difficult situation not maintainable, can create loss/disaster. Therefore stitch in time.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – Stitch In Time

This World Is Illusory

This world is illusory. One has to choose the right and useful thing in life for utility and satisfaction. For this one should know the outer and inner reality of things and affairs. To know it one should experience merit and demerit, true nature and untrue nature and real and unreal etc to judge that what is adaptable and required to be followed for success and peace. The outer appearance is something else and inner is something true. So do not believe everything blindly, belief in what is justifiable and satisfactory to lead life happily. Also, know your self so that you will be able to differentiate things and affairs. All that glitters are not gold.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – This World Is Illusory

How One Can Find Good?

Man lacks spirit and mind to visualize the direction which guides him to experience goodness in life. It is due to the above reason his angle of vision turns different and fails to find good. If he ameliorates himself and concentrates his focus on the goodness of his own self the angle of defective vision will get changed into something good as a resultant effect and with that brightness he will find goodness in everything in order and in the right place, position and nature for its own reason. If one find goodness in a thief one will find that it is due to lack of moral conscience he is a thief otherwise he is a man That is how one can find good because his mind is good. Good mind good find.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – How One Can Find Good?

Beginning Is Difficult

If the beginning is difficult and the end is spreading happiness, the intensity of difficulty is over. If the beginning is a happy one and the end is disappointing, the intensity of happiness is over. Therefore, a man should neither feel happy nor feel disappointed and do his work incessantly with courage, difficulty coming in the way should be overcome with patience applying intellect and knowledge. He should be plodding and plucky to achieve aim/ success well. That is how human efforts end well after he gets success and fills his heart with joy and satisfaction. All is well that ends well.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – Beginning Is Difficult

Vessel Which Is Empty

The vessel which is empty contains little quantity of water. If its position is not moved, it remains still and does not make any sound. There remains only to fill it up with water for use. But when it is wiggled, it sounds much because of containing little quantity of water. The vessel which is full of water remains still by its nature and also does not make any sound whenever it is moved here and there. It implies that man of little learning speaks much in a boastful manner so as to show others that he is learned one. His action is like jumping high in the air and not well-grounded whereas man having true knowledge does not have to show others his knowledge and remains calm and quiet. If required, he expresses his thoughts which inspire others but a man of little learning expresses his knowledge boastfully which does not inspire others. Empty vessels sound much.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – Vessel Which Is Empty

Lead The Life In Good Condition

To lead the life in good condition one has to create favourable/suitable atmosphere so that he can work out necessities, plan, establish to maintain things and affairs and subserve for the significance of living or existence. In order to know the above facts and to do for that one has to choose a helpful place to stay well and establish life living base or infrastructure there to enjoy successful or fruitful living. Stability is required. If a person is moving here and there in life and loses stability will gather nothing for safe life just like rolling stone which does give way to anything like clay, moss and fungus to gain ground on it to grow and stone remains alone unsafe and keeps itself on rolling and rolling unless it turns into sand and loses its existence.

Motivational Thoughts – Lead The Life In Good Condition

Work Is The Fulcrum

Work is the fulcrum which balances your life with what you gain and what you lose. If you gain you go high and if you lose you go down. Life is resting on your effortful work whether it is of small size or of big size. No work is beneath the dignity and you should not hesitate or doubt to do your required work diligently and sincerely whatever may come in your way of life. Work should be done as best as possible. There are works of little value or importance which you can do easily with applying little mind and energy which appear to be of daily routine, that is not like achieving something of great importance and significance. There are works of importance, the value which has density and dimension needed in your life more satisfying and pleasant for benefit and welfare, for which you have to sustain your efforts with agility, fitness, knowledge, dexterity and strenuous capabilities. If your efforts are not balanced on the fulcrum of life, you will lag behind and remain deprived of cherishing the bliss of life and holding simply trifle work in your hand will prove of no meaning as the fan has no meaning to dispel the fog unless your sincere efforts appear to be as sunlight.

Motivational Thoughts For Students – Work Is The Fulcrum

Rules Of Nature

There is some law/rules of nature or god existing everywhere in every work coming in the experience of effortful life. If you take one step ahead you go one step forward and if you take one step behind you go one step back. Similarly, if you go one step ahead you cannot say you are one step behind and if you go one step behind you cannot say you are one step ahead. That is, forward cannot be backward and backward cannot be forward. If you gather thistles you cannot say you gather pickles and if you gather pickles you cannot say you gather pickles. But we do not carefully understand this fact and expect good thing even we are doing bad. Every work has its resultant effect in proportion to quantum, direction, degree and magnitude of work whatsoever done as a matter of fact. If you are desired to expect pickles you have to work sincerely in the direction to which you can get it and not in the direction to which you cannot get it otherwise instead you will gather thistles. Therefore, if you desire to get success in life you are required to work with sincere and sustained efforts in the direction which is imperative and conducive to lead you to the point where success is waiting for you. On the contrary, there is a failure.

Motivational Thoughts – Rules Of Nature

Life Is Not All Enjoyment

If you believe that life is all pleasure and no misery, misery will appear before you; if you believe that life is all misery and no pleasure, pleasure will appear before you because pleasure is latent in misery and misery is latent in pleasure. Both pleasure and misery have to be taken as life living factors. So one should be careful to take pleasure so that it may not turn in misery and be careful to sustain misery with patience hoping on god sincerely so that it may turn in pleasure. A man should maintain a state of no pleasure and no misery ie. contentment. But whose contentment is not maintained properly and sincerely, involve himself in a situation like between the devil and the deep sea? When you have already burden of loan and take a loan again or you have to please your boss and his wife both – these are similar situations which create misery and stop pleasure. Contentment is the key you can hold firmly or in case you fail, you must be a devotee to god to pray to him and call sincerely holding patience for help otherwise there is no option. You cannot either choose a devil or a deep blue sea. You cannot be all of a sudden a devotee to god. Sincere and regular practice and meditation on god will make you habitual to deserve spiritual magnificence and mercy of God. Remember god and pray to him whether you are fit or unfit and in pleasure or in misery.

Motivational Thoughts – Life Is Not All Enjoyment


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