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Difference between kinship association and relationship

There is difference between kinship association and relationship. Man holds full responsibilities of kinship association whereas in relationship expectation and fulfillment is limited to the extent one can safely afford lest one’s own responsibilities are damaged to frustrate life. Relatives must be sensible to know their responsibilities as well as of others they hold. One who has nothing cannot afford anything, this also be kept in view by relatives with due considerations. There should be due regard and sanity among relationships. One can ascertain sanity of relative firstly by knowing that relative has due and natural regard for parents/ guardians and absence of such gesture if he attaches himself with subordinate members, it will be presumably selfish and deceitful behaviour. Parents/ guardians are roots and families are trees. Trees are resting on roots; so trees cannot avoid roots. So please see that roots are safe then trees are safe. Any relative should introduce himself with the root first and then with the rest of family because the root till it exists is responsible for the whole tree i.e, whole family. So, one should know the idealism and basics of relationship and behavioural aspects in relation to responsibilities one already holds for kinship association so that one keeps oneself fair and make room for each other without any harm. Be careful and appreciate ideal relationship.

Motivational Thoughts – Difference between kinship association and relationship

Temporary life is a short period pleasure

Temporary life is a short period pleasure meant for experiencing real knowledge to know God and not for attaching oneself to such life so badly as it becomes unreal and creates obstacles to know God. Materialistic life cannot be totally avoided and also cannot be totally stuck to or attached to. There is reality in between attachment and detachment, that is your true requirement. If it is perceived and conceived in a way reliably felt, the vision to know God is ready. You will accept God. Your action, thinking and behaviour will change. You will be conceived and polite differentiating every on right perspective and in order so as to depend on God. A careful dependence and not careless one.

Motivational Thoughts – Temporary life is a short period pleasure

Soul is immortal

Soul is the particle of god and is immortal. God is the supreme of universe. Both are invisible, can only be felt and realized. Both are like fragrance of the flower, like air, like sweetness of sweets, butter in milk etc : all are hidden. So both soul and god are hidden and have no forms existing to be proved but these can be felt and realized. To feel and realize soul and god is not easy task. One has to go on Sadhna controlling work and sense organs , mind and body not in a suppressed way but knowing its function and limitation with right understanding and experience maintaining spirit separate from worldly attachment. It is only then concentration is attained to feel and realize that some unseen power is active everywhere and in everything and that is soul in the body and god in the universe. Show humility to that power and pray sincerely.

Motivational Thoughts –Soul is immortal

Every man has desire

Every man has desire, physical or material. Fulfill it but do not be attached with to run into bondage keeping oneself away from god. The more you attach yourself with material the more you will lose spiritual value of life and make distance from god. Desire is your real requirement and tempting to increase it is not real. There should be reality to know your requirement to spare yourself for god. Real requirements are minimum and unreal requirements go to maximum which makes mind engrossed in that and man forget what is god. He remembers material and not remembers god the supreme.

Motivational Thoughts – Every man has desire

Get up from sleep

Get up from sleep, be awakened, work like doing service to god, thus attain true knowledge to free oneself from.worldly decay and change and to have union with god. Understand like this.
Further reading, writing and speaking only cannot help attain true knowledge. It is saadhna which can do. Therefore one has to practice thoughts sincerely to become a true knower for eligibility to enter liberation and unionship of god.

Motivational Thoughts -Get up from sleep

Life is not all enjoyment

Life is not all enjoyment and no difficulty. It is full of sufferings and miseries. One can make life easy by endevouring hard to sustain difficulties coming in his way. There is no alternative. If a person is simply in search of enjoyment and pleasure without knowing the role of difficulty and risk of life, is sadly ignoring the facts and thus inviting more troubles and bitterness for oneself and others.You can do your work diligently and joyfully but you cannot turn aside your work and seek pleasure differently i.e, one has to know the priority of work. Moreover, you will do within your capacity and limit of fitness you possess. If you prioritise your work you cannot differently enjoy because you will be engrossed in work, you will have to labour even hard, there will be fatigue , you will be tired and restless, will seek rest and peace of body and mind.Where is the scope for pleasure and enjoyment at that time. It does not mean one should not enjoy but one should also know responsibility, difficulty and risk of life consciously failing which one may invite trouble for oneself and others. Enjoy life in right spirit knowing every aspect. Man has limited area and power and cannot enter beyond.

Motivational Thoughts -Life is not all enjoyment

One should be conscious

One should be conscious and alert of his duties and responsibilities without depending on others, however cooperation may require in genuine circumstances. Evading one’s responsibilities on any pretence is inviting more troubles in life. Be careful to save life from destruction. Do not waste your time, energy and mind in unnecessary affairs as it can make you too weak to tackle priorities of life and you will repent. Know your difficulty and problem with true experience, take up steps preservatively and constructively with sincere efforts with prayer to god in order to come out of the bad situation. Man who is not sincere to work and God, has no leg to stand upon. Life is precious. Live in a true way knowing the nature of life and knowing self without disturbing yourself and others. Sanity required.

Motivational Thoughts – One should be conscious

Man should use his wit and wisdom inherent in him not to get defeated in furtherance of duties and responsibilities of life with devotion to god. There is no alternative.

Motivational Thoughts – Sunil Kumar Das

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