Motivational Thoughts – 2

If you are involved in physical or bodily pleasure

If you are involved in physical or bodily pleasure only, you will lose your inner self which is itself a centre of pleasure; physical pleasure is temporary and vanishing, will lead to illusion and mirage full of burden, headache, dis-peace and discontentment because there is no permanence in it but are required in a controlled way for existence in a temporary life. The pleasure of soul can be had by using your wiseness, right and good thoughts and deeds i.e., you have to come over kaam, krodh, lobha and moha and thereby worship God with full devotion because soul being a particle of God, a source of permanent pleasure apart from the body which vanishing. You can live in the material world in a controlled way and limit of your existence but you should not believe it for your permanence. Believe your soul and not a body for permanence and association with God. You should save yourself. May God bless you with health peace success and happiness of your soul. Thank you.

We should not get annoyed

We should not get annoyed and live in despair but enjoy a thoughtful life, a combination of physical or material and spiritual life where physical or material is temporary and vanishing and spiritual life are perpetual. We are souls and not bodies. We cannot totally avoid material or physical world but we have to live in a thoughtful and controlled way with wiseness without attaching to it so that it may not have a bad influence on the soul. Body influences and soul feels. Soul feels content/discontent and weal and woe of life both materially and spiritually. Materially we are experiencing true requirements of the body based on true and factual understanding till the existence of life which is temporary and vanishing. So we should not engross ourselves in temporary life which one day has its end. We should look to our souls, the particles of God can be spiritually influenced for permanent satisfaction/pleasure in ourselves and in association with God. Wiseness, good thoughts and deeds and coming over kaam, krodh, lobh and moha are spiritual factors to satisfy our souls permanently. We can satisfy our souls temporarily but cannot believe in doing so because someday it will end; we can satisfy our souls permanently and can believe that it will not vanish. So live your life in combination with both material and spiritual world exercising the extent of your right and good thoughts and deeds based on factual understanding and experience. Know and do your work in a right and good way and pray to God with a sincere heart and satisfy your souls.

One who is engrossed only in

One who is engrossed only in eating, drinking, sleeping, dressing and make up etc, is leading life exciting kaam, krodh, lobh and moha far from peace, contentment and happiness knowing nothing about truth and reality of life, basically wild and vulgar because he is spiritually foolish as an ass and physically and materially in temptation and craze of desires which disturbs the balance of material and spiritual life distancing from God and sanctity of life. Know your true requirement only and keep away from many requirements as it will bring only discontent and dis-peace. Link up your soul to God by right and good thoughts and deeds and meditations. If one does not understand this fact and reality, has to face severe troubles and consequences of life. Fear it. God is great, the matter is changeable and life is temporary.

You can be happy if

You can be happy if you are contented irrespective of whimsical desires, peaceful, healthy and by shouldering your duties and responsibilities with the right, good and thoughtful spirit and sincerity and devotional submission to God for result in relation to material and spiritual world to overcome kaam, krodh, lobh and moha for total surrender to the Almighty with all your mind, intellect and soul and whatsoever are your performances and achievements. In this way, you can enjoy a happy material and spiritual life. There is no alternative.

If you are not sincere

If you are not sincere and not working sincerely to maintain responsibilities with devotion to God, God will not help you; you will get the result of your action only. Your sincere work with submission to God will follow each other and coincide sooner or later at some certain stage.

We are souls and not bodies

We are souls and not bodies, Soul, permanent one and body as temporary. We can live in the body only but cannot attach to it being temporary and vanishing. We should protect our bodies to the best of our duties to make it maintainable till life or till it exists but cannot attach to it for permanence, as a matter of fact, to be experienced and understood for God has made it decaying.
Similarly, we should eat every eatable but cannot attach to it being a temporary pleasure and vanishing; we should wear clothes but cannot attach to it being temporary and vanishing; we should use every good thing but cannot attach to it being temporary and vanishing; we should do every work sincerely but cannot attach to its results being temporary and vanishing. Therefore, we should live in this world without any attachment since all things have been made temporary and vanishing. If we attach, we will be far from God with Whom we have to be one.

Live this temporary life in a right

Live this temporary life in a right, good, wise and thoughtful manner and spirit otherwise you will invite troubles after troubles in your life which can frustrate you and all others and make situation helpless and life will be a burden knocking-on disastrous result culminating in total tragedy. Be wise and save yourselves.

Try a blatant effort

It is not good to try a blatant effort to teach your parent as they are watching how true and sincere you are, moreover, they have long and bitter experiences of life, no matter what were their abilities and situations: may be poor or rich, favourable or not favourable whatsoever, they have cared and nurtured you from before and after birth and made you exist in life, however, you can sensibly and politely suggest and advice parent for their consideration and understanding, having regard for their sentiments and thinking with a sense of obeying them who will agree with you if you are right and sincere. Whatever you do for them, will be a matter of your duties and responsibilities for them and not of your favour, mercy or kindness and imposing an obligation on them. If you do not know, the matter is something else which cannot be recognized either by parent or by the court of God. Parent in the court of God, are sincere and not fearful to accept if anything went wrong. Hari Om.

Everyone requires to be conscious and careful

Everyone requires to be conscious and careful at best to protect life and achieve final end to transform oneself into reality, the union with God to attain peace and salvation. You people always agree to the thoughts only but do not cultivate in life. Bookish knowledge has little value which is minimal for living life and what you need most is your right, good, wise, sincere and thoughtful work which you do not apply successfully, is a matter lacking experience of fact and reality, has a great concern and if negated, will end in tragedy. God will be helpless and you will be looking blank with sadness. Is it good and satisfying ? No. Reform yourself. Go ahead revamped with energy of rightness, goodness, wiseness, sincerity and thoughtfulness to turn over a new leaf and to get real success in life.

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