Motivational Thoughts – 3

The body causes hunger

The body causes hunger which the soul feels and starts fulfilling hunger, the true requirement of the body and when the true requirement of the body is fulfilled as the body also indicate such fulfilment which provides physical satisfaction to the soul. If the soul is not staying on such satisfaction, it is longing further because it has whims of desires and so being capricious, it does not satisfy itself through the requirement of the body is fulfilled and a true indication of fulfilment given by the body appears to have been ignored by soul resulting in discontentment and soul being involved in whimsical desires is not happy as it has lost contentment.

The subject of Atma( Soul)

The subject of Atma( Soul) is restricted material life filled with contentment and abstinence-based on the true requirement, utility and safety; devotion to God with control over kaam, krodh, lobh and moha to establish a connection with God for peace and betterment of soul. Physical efforts and satisfaction are temporary, though important for the existence of life, yet with control over material efforts and desires so as to free oneself from attachment. Purification of body and soul is needed. Spiritual satisfaction is lasting.

Do not do anything unknowingly

Do not do anything unknowingly and irreverently under whims of desires as you have to face the consequences ahead; think well, prude well, learn well, understand well, find out right and good thing well, reason well, conclude well with transparency, do well and get well. Control yourself with wiseness and perfection of knowledge to get right, good and pacifying result in your personal life also in combination with others in the family. May God keep you happy!

Do not feel that you are intelligent

Do not feel that you are intelligent as there are so many intelligent who have no sobriety and gravity of knowledge and understanding, talk about the top but do not know the bottom. This is a boastful intelligence. True intelligence is sedate, sober, calm and sincere and agreeing to the good and right point to feel and understand with the gravity of thoughts and wisdom without any sense of ego and boastful attempt and approach.


Application of mind and intellect with right and good perception or understanding deep covering all necessary affairs meant for sustaining personal life or the life of the family as a whole caring difference between what is right or wrong, good or bad, useful or unuseful, harmful or beneficial and satisfying or dissatisfying etc, makes one conscious, vigilant, prompt, transparent in knowing with clarity, peaceful and happy, that is how successfully and with pleasure we share situations of each other avoiding apprehension and bringing satisfaction and safety far-sighted and exceedingly fine depending also on God.


Soul ( Chetna ) is godly particle free from desires, has an only attachment to God, is perfect in itself. Worldly requirements are due to the body in which it is kept prisoned and feels influenced by body and nature as a result of which it has to fulfil true requirements only. Other desires are originated from kaam, krodh, lobh and moha which the soul suffers because of so many desires it has attached to the world, otherwise, there is no bondage and soul is free to have an association with God. We should know and fulfil our true requirements only keeping away from untrue desires to realize that soul is free and the influence of body and nature is temporary and efforts of the soul is limited to that extent only beyond which God can be realized and his association becomes available to the soul.

Difference between want and desire

There is a difference between want and desire. Want is our true or natural requirement but the desire is our craze, lust and whims of greed and temptation. There is a limited circle in which we revolve to fulfil our want and we know to stay on some right and good point which satisfies our mind, body and soul on some base whereas fulfilment of desire is contrary to it. Desire keeps us involving and struggling because it is a craze, lust and whims of greed and temptation never to be fulfilled. We enter into an unlimited circle and revolve for fulfilment which continues without staying on a right and good point to satisfy. Even if we are successful in fulfilling some desires, it satisfies temporarily and keeps us longing for more and more without any break and fulfilment is never possible and life is also temporary and man cannot go after endless desires. If we go after desires it will bring only trouble, headache, displace, dissatisfaction and discontentment and has no base to stop us on the right and a good point to know, feel and understand that can satisfy our mind, body and soul and provide peace and contentment.

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