Motivational Thoughts – 4

True state of mind, body and soul

Mind: It should be kept in peace and contentment as is truly required. Stay neutral. Not showy, fickle, excited, arrogant, selfish and jealous. Active as per the true requirement with right and good differentiation focusing on transparent thought and understanding and believing in sincere work and god. See that sanity is maintained all around. Meditation and yoga to some extent are also desirable.
Body: Maintain easy and right posture while at work or in rest. Bowel and urine must be clear. Take water in a suitable gap. Take moderate food and know your natural requirement. The body should be active.know its indications. If you feel tiresome take suitable break/rest. Maintain health and hygiene. Take exercise and go on walking. Remain neat and clean. Avoid any attachment which can affect bad and undesirable. Know that body is not yours. So long as you maintain it to stay fit, it is useful. Therefore, proper care and utilization of your body are imperative.
Soul: It is eternal consciousness, exists beyond physical death without any change. Satva gun is adopted with a dedication to god. Avoid rajas and tamas gunas, that is, the soul has to remain in spiritual with the god for salvation. It guides body, mind, work organs and sense organs to work but all functions should go on right and transparent understanding. The soul is the worker, utilizer and sustainer captured in the body. Due to its visionary defects and entanglement with the body and the world, it is under bondage. Purification required.

Do not live life in a manner as you like

Do not live life in a manner as you like. Develop your moral conscience. Your behaviour, feeling and thinking must conform to acceptable or reasonable standards of morality and respectability failing which you will lose your conscience, degrade yourself and fall prey to the delusion that can cause troubles in your life. You may be bad but pretend to be good; you may be good but you do not understand rightly – for this you must be carefully and sincerely thoughtful and behaving appealingly and a convincingly right and good one. A person who is indecent and insincere is not reliable either to his own self or for the family, I do not allow.


True enjoyment is satisfaction/contentment and peace. If you are not in a satisfied/contented and peaceful state of mind and soul, you are not actually enjoying life. Enjoyment alone which cannot provide above merit i.e., contentment and peace, is a matter of lust, greed, craze and passion and related to kaam, krodh, lobh, moha, raag-dwesh and irshya etc which result in damage and failure to a material as well as spiritual life culminating in complete dejection and hopelessness. Learn and keep your mind and soul in harmony.


It is experienced in life that every work covers/involves some risks more or less depending upon its nature and risks cause unexpected consequences which one has to face and regret later. It attracts the attention of man to apply preliminary caution and care to ignore hasty and rash decision to do work so that man can save himself possibly from involved risks and dangers and need not have to regret or say sorry for lapses which could not be cared. If one is travelling in a car, he fastens a seat belt to save from unexpected wreckage. This is care and precaution which if taken, man can possibly save himself from an unpleasant situation.

Co-operation is human requirement

There is a difference between seeking co-operation and fulfilling selfishness. Co-operation is a human requirement and is based on humanity and humanely quality of the man in general amidst difficulties and in compelling circumstances when a man cannot self-care and self-defence though sincerely active to fulfil his end whereas fulfilling selfishness is based on inhumanity and inhumanely quality of the man in particular amidst insincerity and non-compelling circumstance, has no role to play in the family, relationship and society. Relative is expected to stay with his co-relative for meeting/visit, for a short time/period purposely moral but if one is on trip of indeterminate destination and/ or length of time escaping one’s home having no personal duty and responsibility and stays long with co-relative treating as his dwelling place uninvited and unreasonably, is doubtful, as one can create problem/ headache/disturbance, likely to be presumed to have possibly injured wellbeing of one’s own and of others. This can be experienced.

Every family has its own discipline

Every family has its own discipline and ambit to develop and survive without any harm to its own and others irrespective of any interference of others, however, advice or suggestion if needed and desirably felt to be sought, can be reciprocated with due regard by one or the other.

Fortune, luck, lot, fate, destiny and future

Fortune, luck, lot, fate, destiny and future may turn in favour and disfavour as we fail to conceive and visualize these factors, better stop trying these and believe in the present which we conceive and visualize to the extent possible to our visions and understandings, as such we should work sincerely in the present depending on God with devotion to him and that is our best hope to survive with peace and satisfaction of mind and soul.

You know your body well

You know your body well and not your soul. You work and earn and therewith eat, drink, sleep, discharge faeces and make merry in temporary life which are the needs of body and not of your soul, though your soul is mistakenly attached to the body and its needs. These needs are required to be fulfilled so far life exists and duties and responsibilities are there but there is no need for attachment because there is no permanence in it. After the decay of body soul feels alone and seeks asylum which is not available to the soul because it has kept itself distant from God, a true asylum. The true need of your soul is resting on hope with the association of God and nothing else. Therefore, do not try to let ego and arrogance grow in your life. Do your duty and fulfil your responsibilities with honest and sincere efforts and rest on God.

Adherence to the rules of God

Adherence to the rules of God and works whatsoever done with devotion to Him is the higher most position of soul and man in form of body whereas escaping His rules and works whatsoever done without due regard and devotion to Him is the nethermost and punitive. The former will have shelter in heaven and the latter will be thrown into hell.

A man is modest

Behaviour, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety and indecency suggests that a man is modest, has a moral conscience, is pleasing to the man himself and all in the atmosphere of goodness and politeness, further creates a situation of reliance and full of expectation beyond doubt, otherwise, man is immoral and immodest, either man is not good in himself or he does not understand what is good or he is reluctant to know good, can dishonestly self-degrade himself and cheat others, creates situation doubtful and dissatisfying and no pleasure.

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