Motivational Thoughts 5

Motivational Thoughts
Motivational ThoughtsSunil Kumar Das

Control your mind and senses

Control your mind and senses by understanding your true requirement, utility and usage knowing the limitation and restrictions imposed, crossing which, the difficulty will appear. That apart, concentration and meditation are desirable to know the difference between real and unreal and merit and demerit of your thinking and doing.
What you feel and do is important. Therefore, examine what kind of feeling and doing you constitute in your mind while you are active in life to make yourself agreeable and happy with all accuracy of thought and knowledge perception that inspires you to get the last point of hope/resort, the God Himself. A man works due to the force of requirement but it does not mean that his requirement true always. It should be analysed and self-examined in-depth and if it satisfies that you are free from undue attachment, it becomes easily desirable and inspirable to fulfil. So, it is inspirational to know God with devotion to Him while living materialistic life which must come to an end.

Devotion to God with heart

Devotion to God with heart, mind and soul needed. Purification of mind necessary to know God who has created this world and made everything subject to change, decay and death. Practise sincerely to know the true nature of your soul which is covered with artificial makeup. Practise sincerely to come over kaam, krodh, lobh and moha to attain perfection and purity. Work sincerely with devotion to God and see that responsibilities : personal, familial and social etc are well maintained to the best possible and think that in doing so God is also watching you and helping you indirectly. He is hidden and everywhere and with everyone. Avoid ostentation and artificiality and adopt a real-life and do not rely on untrue and false hope. Enjoy life but also know that God is also present there. He is watching in hidden form. Now it is up to man how he thinks. Realization of God’s presence is possible when man is in real life. To know God is a real matter and practise worshipping God with a natural sincere heart.


An ounce of prevention means little care or measure to be taken; a pound of cure means much cure or relief.
Generally, man remains heedless of the problem which when starts, he does not care even little in the primary stage of it and when it gains ground and becomes stronger, the difficulty arises to come over.
Therefore, it is wise to know that it is easier and better to take little care and necessary steps to check problem/illness sooner, in the beginning, to stop it from happening than to stop or correct it after it has started growing serious and made difficult to recover.
So, little care can save one from danger and difficulty.

The root cause of quarrel

The root cause of quarrel is kaam, krodh, lobh and moha which generate dissension and discord, selfishness, jealousy, discontent, attachment to greed, arrogance, lack of co-operation, mutual understanding and tolerance. Sanity lost. Due to the reasons explained above, quarrel starts among two or more persons. One person can also quarrel, that is self quarrel in case he is entirely wrong, confess his guilt and apologizes. This is self-quarrel which makes him more conscious in future not to commit guilt again. When one person has a claim on another to have committed guilt/crime against the former who is affected, the latter shows non-confession, threatens the former and does not take reformative/corrective measures/steps, quarrel starts. If the latter is successful to pacify the former and does good to his content, quarrel does not arise. Love and affection prevail.

By birth man is neither good nor bad

By birth man is neither good nor bad. He has not made everyone alike, forms, merit and demerit: all are different. The soul is alike but its merit and demerit differ in man due to past deeds. God has made no one good or no one bad. Whatever he has made is the outcome of his previous life. Good or bad is assessed by human good work and bad work, character and achievement. God has given power and life but man has to utilize it. That is in that way he can be considered good or bad.
If in the present position a man is not doing right work and simply filling his belly depending on others due to whatever may be the reason, he is good for nothing because he does not do any right work for his won or for others. At later stage if he gets motivated and starts doing the right work, he can be called good for something according to his capacity. If he is doing the right work successfully for his own or for others, he can be called he is good for everything.

A man who is good for nothing

A man who is good for nothing is a man bad for everything. He lacks initiative and strength of character. Further, he has no knowledge, self-motivation, ability, skill and remains lazy and non-cooperative, not useful and worthless for himself, family and society. His belly is active. He eats much depending on others and remains idle i.e., not active in mental and physical work. Wandering in mind here and there looking to others, does not receive any inspirations from works of others, simply eats much for which someone has to afford. His sense organs and work organs are passive, however, he should not be neglected and given all possible care as a human being to make chances possibly favourable to motivate him towards the mainstream of life.

God is kind for who is sincere

God is kind for who is sincere and cruel for who is not. He gives the opportunity to everyone to learn from the mistake. Who tries sincerely to learn from the mistake and learn well to engrain in conscience not to repeat a mistake, God considerably absolve him; but whoever does not avail opportunity given by God to learn and maintain continuity in doing mistakes as a habit, God becomes cruel to him and does not consider absolving such person. Mistakes committed rebounds to such person who is knowingly doing it and attached to it deserves punishment. Man has to rectify himself just before the time given by God. The time before he is likely to deserve the punishment he has to refine himself. God knows when a man deserves punishment. Man’s duty is to start learning from his action: good or bad.

The important thing is whether someone is knowing what is good or bad or right or wrong, it depends on this fact. A child has no knowledge or even grown-up persons have no knowledge but they are doing sometimes good or sometimes bad and they do not know what they are doing. Intentional/unintentional is accountable when a man has knowledge of good or bad or right or wrong.

Avoid worry and take care

Avoid worry and take care. One should not make unnecessary observations, investigation and queries as these may involve an illusion, however, necessary observations are made on any useful matter. Worries make a man sick, dull and inactive and cannot solve any problem. It can only increase the problem and difficulty. In order to solve any problem/issue/matter, one has to take care properly in a positive way knowing cause/reason of any issue and thereby take positive steps to remove weakness and work sincerely knowing pros and cons, wrong and right, good and bad, benefit and harm, apposite and opposite etc for which proper care is required. Worry cannot do as it will bring all failure. There is no need for excessive care and worries as these are all negative thoughts diverting one from a positive attitude and work leading to fatalism.

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