Motivational Thoughts 6

Motivational Thoughts
Motivational Thoughts

So long as you remain guided

So long as you remain guided by a sense of ego you remain devoid of the mercy of God; you go in your own way, and God is not careful to you, though you get the result of your action lacking purification of mind due to error caused by ego and therefore, you fail to pacify and satisfy yourself and start craving for mercy. The mercy of God can be had with total surrender to God with humility and your good work without ego utilizing. You must be sincere and humble to God in managing your own efforts for which you have empowered by God under His care and protection as you also develop your moral conscience by respectful greeting made by folded hands and by touching the feet of elders seeking aashirwad and they wish you a good and happy life. This you learn in the family and in the society which you further require to refine it and bow down with devotion to God for mercy transcending from work and ego to work and submission to God.

Honest in thinking

You need to be utmost sincere or honest in thinking, knowing and doing in material as well as spiritual life forming good habits and practicing good thoughts to discriminate things and affairs to know reality that can play useful role in your life and if you fail to prepare in such spirit, you will downgrade and deteriorate yourselves very shockingly.

You can pacify yourself

Contentment is there inside where you feel and not outside where you search. You can pacify yourself if you experience the bliss of self-satisfaction otherwise your mind will be wandering in search of pleasure pointless because the outer world is illusory and nothing can satisfy you if you undermine your inner self. You cannot walk continuously without stoppage. Stay…stay…stay. Now you feel satisfied.

Going to the temple

Going to the temple where a large number of people are gathered together in a disorganized or unruly way, is not mandatory, especially when children are accompanied, to avoid any risk factor which often takes place. It is not believable that God is present only in the temple and nowhere else. He is everywhere and even with the man himself. God punishes those who have a craze for desires. In normal day temple can be visited safely if not compulsory. Man can enjoy blessings of God only when he is free from kaam, krodh, lobh, moha, irshya, dwesh, swarth and raag, otherwise He is not attainable. Worldly life is the requirement to experience God and not for attachment to the world. If the facts are followed and done, God is pleased.

Requirements of body

Requirements of body influence soul as the soul is attached to the body and as long as it remains attached, it has to do for the body which has demands to be fulfilled by the soul. The soul is not the owner of the body, it only resides in the body and acts as per requirements of the body just like one pay rents to the house owner because one has not his own house. One can simply reside in the house and cannot attach to it because he pays rent and the house owner is someone else. So the soul is not the body owner and therefore, it is not important for the soul to attach itself to the body. The body is temporary and will vanish and the soul is permanent which will not vanish.

Outer pleasure is temporary

Outer pleasure is temporary and vanishing, though required to lead temporary life for temporary requirement and utility under control and limitation beyond which there are disturbance and difficulty which frustrates life; permanent pleasure is available in one’s inner self or inside the soul that can be had by developing contentment and it matters how contended one is to detach from outer and to attach with inner to lose temporary and gain permanence maintaining the balance between body and soul.

We have no visual capacity to see God

We have no visual capacity to see God but can feel Him and His presence if we devotionally interact with his creation similarly in the manner we cannot see fragrance of flower but can feel it and its presence when we naturally interact with it.


If you fear God, you start your work with due care and attention applying wise and sincere mind and heart and finish it with right and good understanding lest it should cause any lapse or error which can trap you in difficulty and frustrate you leaving helpless, and if you pray to God and praise Him, it means you purify yourself not to indulge in arrogance and thus you save yourself pinpointing the right and good line of action the God has already provided. Thank you.

Reality or truth will not vanish

Reality or truth will not vanish even if you forget it or ignore it, it will exist in your life and unless you know it and follow, you lead a meaningless life turning into nothingness.

Man who does not fear God and worship God, leads life in uncontrolled manner knowing no rules and laws set by Him and thus avoiding the powerful belt of God pervading everywhere which creates abscence of right and good thoughts in him and leads to destruction of life just like a breakless car suddenly meets an accident and gets destroyed.

Behaviour, manner, or appearance

Behaviour, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety and indecency suggests that a man is modest, has a moral conscience, is pleasing to the man himself and all in the atmosphere of goodness and politeness, further creates a situation of reliance and full of expectation beyond doubt, otherwise, man is immoral and immodest, either man is not good in himself or he does not understand what is good or he is reluctant to.know good, can dishonestly self-degrade himself and cheat others, creates situation doubtful and dissatisfying and no pleasure.

Clever use of mind necessarily

Clever use of mind necessarily has no wisdom and understanding and makes one narrow, but right and senseful use of mind have such qualities which makes one comprehensive and praiseworthy.

If one man is not doing good

If one man is not doing good because another man is not doing so, it means none of them is willing to refine their souls that can be adjudged as deliberate concealment of one’s of the treasonable act against spirituality.

The true requirement

The true requirement is a pressing want, one that is almost a compulsion, like when you are so frustrated, you have the urge to scream. When you have to urge someone to do something, you feel strongly about it. The natural requirement does not develop greed, selfishness and temptation etc., but to absorb all attention to material desires, is an attachment which generates greed, selfishness, anger and temptation etc which is a hurdle in the way to experience God and paves way easy to reach inferno and heaven remains fathomless far.

Because man fears death

It is because man fears death. The reason is – man is one-sidedly and badly attached to material life and thinks that it will remain permanent and provide pleasure to him without any change. It is illusory. Everything is temporary and will change and vanish gradually in due course. At a later stage, it will cause pain and suffering to a man if he is so clung to worldly life. So, there is no goodness and usefulness in doing so. No doubt, man has been given life and he has to live life, so it is required to know your true requirement without any sense of attachment. If you know your requirement truly, you will be able to maintain your control and self- restriction to lead a life in reality which further inspires to know God or supreme power, within and beyond with optimism. One can be a devotee to God if he experiences God. If so, heaven is there. There is no fear as one rests only God. Do not hurry. Maintain yourself. Experience is first. Things will happen in a true way.

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