Motivational Thoughts 7

Motivational Thoughts
Motivational Thoughts

There is no alternative to ignore God

It is not easy, a quite difficult task, one can say it an ordeal to have a shelter of God, though it is absolutely necessary to have reached to God by surrendering oneself to God with sincere mind, heart and soul. A real devotee has his reach to God. There is no alternative to ignore God. Ignoring God is just throwing oneself into hell, a place for continuous punishment. Therefore, one should do good works within a lifetime. Life is short. One should not spend his life only in eating, drinking and making merry as these are a bodily necessity, has a little physical value not lasting long. One should incline oneself to spiritual life which is the source of permanent pleasure. No doubt bodily necessities are also there but one should not be badly attached to it so that he may lose the bliss of spiritual faculty. One should live simple and think high. Highness is hidden in simplicity. Man who is simple has highness in his quality and deserve to be a devotee to God but whoever negate this thought, deserve punishment by God.

It is alright and good

It is alright and good to be prompt and sincere to come on duty on time and complete his work in time to get what is in his lot; but if he is coming late which he should rather avoid, can better start his work late to do his work and to get what is in his lot. Man who is coming late to work is better than a man who is never coming to work. Man who is coming late is at least able to do some work and get something but the latter is not able to do work and get at all. Something is better than losing everything. A late person has the possibility to become prompt and punctual in life if he realises the loss of lateness, but a person who believes in nevermind has not such possibility. Sometimes it is noticed that a man coming late complete his work because he is sincere to work but not so sincere to avoid lateness. It is not taken for granted to form an opinion on some person or something considering merely the outer appearance of such person or thing. Appearance may be beautiful, attractive and appealing, it does not mean that person or thing will be of immense value, worth and utility. If the inner appearance of a person or thing is screened and made aware, it reveals and appears to be different from what it was expected. So there is a possibility of betrayal in identifying person or thing. A true devotee to God acts outward with devotion as he feels inward with devotion. He is only a devotee and not a thief, or he is only a thief and not a devotee, can well be ascertained by knowing outer behaviour and inner feeling of a person or outer cover and inner written thoughts which the book contains.

When you remain in illusion

When you remain in illusion/ confusion you do not understand what is a right point and you fail to satisfy yourself and you remain unhappy; therefore, you should acquire true knowledge to understand and feel satisfactorily right to adopt it in your life so that you can keep your soul happy. You can please your soul/ yourself by reliable and true learning here and there either in material or in spiritual life. Material life is not only related to matter but it is also related to spirit and God, the ultimate reality.

If you do not practice

If you do not practice and develop spiritual knowledge you remain hopelessly blank without inner energy and thoughts which keep you far away from true experience and reality of life; your soul remain absent of visions to stay on point of peace and tranquil; you temporarily engage yourself in bodily activities which you enjoy for a while but ultimately you find that your soul is vacant, dissatisfied, dull and without inspirational positive force which you lack because you are engaged only with body and not at all with spirit the God has gifted.

We have come in this world to

We have come in this world to experience and acquire true knowledge and reality of life whether or not, to balance material and spiritual life. Material life is needed to live life but it is time-limited or transitory, therefore, man explores spiritual life which can establish human spirit in a peaceful state or in association with God. No doubt, one should lead material life successfully, in the meantime, it also be prudently thought that such life has no stability ultimately to provide peace and satisfaction; but if one is successful to connect himself to God, certainly he will find his spirit in peace and satisfaction – this is spiritual life i.e., attach oneself with permanence, the God and detach from the temporary world. So, there should be a balance between material and spiritual life.

If you do not fear God

If you do not fear God, it means you do not fear your guilt and mistake which lead you to trouble, dis-peace, dissatisfaction and discomfiture because of loss of self-control and involvement in self-ego. Come to spirituality which can balance your material life and provide contentment.

God has given life to lead

God has given life to lead it properly and carefully to attain knowledge with peace and tranquillity to meet the material required as well as a spiritual goal for inmost satisfaction of the soul revolving towards salvation from the bondage of the world and having an association with God; but a man who is heedless of danger or consequences of actions, rash and impetuous, is attached to the craze of desire and greed having all focus goes beyond control, take over so many risks in life and happens to destroy his valuable career without achieving the goal of life. It is shameful, blatant and despicable. One should work with sustained energy, tactics and skill; ability and thoughtful desire within the range of safety and security to cherish success.

There is a difference

There is a difference between what one inherits and what one gets after achieving desired visions and planned goals in life. There is nothing like achieving success, an outcome of one’s mettle, resilience, inspirational power, confident thought and action with excellence, hard and sustained labour/efforts targeting aim to think the best, do the best and become the best for mental peace and self- satisfaction. Furthermore, one also gains social status, name and fame and wealth etc due to his favourable work and contribution to the family and society. It further paves the way for promotion/development for a better future because one moves in his life accelerating and regulating confidence of thought and action to take avail of the coming good opportunities. Thus success once achieved provides for him maintainable energy, mind and confidence to go ahead in the field of life. That is how nothing succeeds like success.

Everybody is committing mistakes

Everybody is committing mistakes in the absence of knowledgeable experiences. Sooner or later he is correcting mistakes to reach the self-ameliorated phase of life. The sooner errors are rectified the better it is for early refinement, the later errors are rectified the farther it is for one’s refinement. Of course, there is no accurate time to correct mistakes. Mistakes can be corrected at any time and learning can be started at any time but the matter is one cannot do such reformation unless he realizes his mistakes and knows the necessity of learning. The exact time of correcting mistakes and feeling the necessity of learning is the time of realization of mistakes/necessity of learning. Such a realization is experienced by man sooner or later. So there is no too late to mend.

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