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Motivational Thoughts
Motivational ThoughtsSunil Kumar Das

Everyone has problem

Everyone has problem and responsibility to face. So how one should think about others. Why should one depend on others? One should know his responsibilities and problems and maintain properly and carefully, then there will be no expectation. However one should cooperate each other in case there is no dependency but natural need and that is possible only when one maintaining his position all fit and is able to think about others, otherwise, there will be defeat everywhere. One must be able to help in a manner in which he does not expect in return. A man cannot be liberal without his capability and strength, otherwise he will involve himself in trouble. However, everyone should gain strength to cooperate with each other without expectation.

Good and evil forces

Good and evil forces are active in the inner self of a creature in the world. Good reciprocate good and evil reciprocate evil vice versa. Whenever one generates bad or evil feeling from his inner self his energy due to bad psychology tends to do the wrong work and attracts evil force to respond in a corresponding way. So whenever one does wrong work his psychology goes in the wrong direction and invites evil force to mingle with the same which turns back to the doer resulting bad or harm commensurate with the extent to which bad is done or even more. Therefore, one should not gather evil thoughts, feeling, thinking and doing and try to purify his inner self by adopting good thoughts which could produce corresponding results in life.

A little learning

A little learning which a man possesses has no conceptual gravity, depth of knowledge, clarity and explicit aptitude. He tries to work on the basis of a surface experience only lapsing actual learning which creates the problem and make the situation difficult, unpleasant and embarrassing. Therefore, such knowledge is a misleading and dangerous one in any field of life. Such knowledge has no value, no utility and no recognition. A slight benefit of such learning can make one’s life full of complications which is not maintainable and to avoid it one should be very cautious and careful to acquire right and perfect knowledge needed in life to safeguard human interest and requirement.

Coal cannot be whitened

Coal cannot be whitened. Foolish cannot be enlightened. He cannot be taught or preached. He possess a defective sense and has no knowing, learning and understanding tendency. His psychology is limited to what he thinks and does. Neither knowledge attracts him nor he feels necessity to acquire it. It will be wasting mind, energy and time to persuade or instruct foolish person who develops himself in absence of hearing others. Better stay oneself fit and active without seeking any help which is not expected from foolish. If we seek any help/suggestion from foolish, it is like crying in wilderness.

Everyone commits mistake

Everyone commits mistake either in a deliberate manner or an inadvertent manner. Whoever is vigilant and careful save himself from doing errors but whoever is not so thoughtful do errors more often. Whatever may be the effect of the reason of doing errors is not tasteful which agonizes mind and dissatisfies a person and leaves him repenting on to waste time and energy which produces a negative effect. One should not worry about the wrong done and positively take corrective measures coming fore to the present position paving way cautiously to move onward for success learning that mistake may not recur and cause suffering again. Mistakes cause troubles in life which a man suffers. Therefore, one should be careful and sincere to act and perform work diligently and successfully.

Barking dogs seldom bite

Works speak louder than words. Quiet, soft and classy people believe in work and get success. They have the inspiration to work more and talk less. practically they do in the field of life which they enjoy and get recognition by the family and the society. They are not talkative because they know that it can waste their time, energy and mind and deprive them of valuable achievement/success which speaks loud in life.
On the other hand, people who are talkative believe in talk more than work. They have no inspiration to work and they do not get success. They waste their valuable time, energy and mind in talking more and doing less. So they fail to do anything practical and do not get success/achievement which can be recognized by the family and the society. They live spiritlessly and fail to enjoy life. So we should believe in biting(working) and not in barking(talking) much.

A man should think and act

A man should think and act to possess true knowledge about work and also about how to do it. He should also possess knowledge about tools and also its application in the right way. If he knows both work and tools with skills and applications he makes himself ready and fit to work. When he performs work he gets success and does not raise any complain. But man lacking such knowledge has no efficiency and fail to work properly in the right direction. He does not get success as he attempts falsely. He feels himself truly defeated but he declines to show others his weakness and defeat in a shameful situation and in order to hide the facts he starts saying that he was right but his tools were defective. This is the way he deprives himself of success and frustrates his life.

Man is a creature compound of good and bad elements

Man is a creature compound of good and bad elements, can be distinguished by judging what moral/immoral characters he possesses in his thoughts, feelings and temperaments. Goodness is acceptable and to be followed and recognized but badness is not acceptable and not to be followed and not recognised for the life of human being. Good is full of positive visions whereas bad is full of negative visions. Good is light and bad is dark. Man follows goodness with faith and should follow it in thought and indeed. Man who is completely good or bad can be understood but there is difficulty to understand a man who is disguised as good or bad and such man is dangerous for individual and society. One should not believe a person simply because he is kind and friendly. There will be a difference between his outer and inner appearance, sentiment thought, feeling and action or there will be an outer and inner similarity. If such similarity is good, he is a good man but if such similarity is bad, he is a bad man. All persons are not good and all persons are also not bad. Some persons are disguised in the atmosphere who one does not know and are strangers, should not be blindly relied on upon without being put to test of their outer and inner similarity.


There are people who cause someone deliberately to believe something which is not true, especially to cheat for personal advantage/gain. For this, they talk softly and sweaty and act to sensitize and attract them in his favour. Such persons are honey-tongued appear to be externally believed and accepted by the men in general but it is notable that such tricky persons have internally a hearts of meeting selfish end. They do not appear to be what they are inward and show themselves what they are outward, conceals themselves and do not reveal true nature. They are harmful to man in general and society in particular. To save oneself from such unexpected loss and danger, one should be cautious and careful to detect such persons who try to play hide and seek in the atmosphere and do not believe them. Believe only such persons who their true identities both internally and externally.

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