NCT 2020 Live Broadcast – Interesting Facts

#NCT2020_YearParty is trending in 32 countries

In their press center they said:

23 members gather in one place! Expectation climax!

  • NCT (SM), which will make a comeback in the super-large project “NCT 2020“, will be broadcast live on the 23rd.
  • They said that the NCT is planning to hold “NCT 2020: RESONANCE LIVE EVENT “WISH 2020”” through Naver V Live’s NCT channel from 6 pm on the 23rd, and it is expected that the eyes of global fans will be focused.
  • They also said that this broadcast is the first live broadcast of 23 members who participated in “NCT 2020” together, and it is hot because it can satisfy various stories such as “NCT 2020” plan, regular album spoiler, new member introduction, etc. Expected to be interested.
  • In addition, at 6 pm on the 22nd, a unique content “YEAR PARTY” video that highlights the identity and flashy visuals of the members will be released only to NCT through various SNS accounts of NCT, and it is expected to attract the eyes.
  • In their press centre, they informed that the regular album “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1” of “NCT 2020” will be released on October 12, and can be pre-purchased at various online and offline album sales floors in Japan and the US album site including Amazon. is there.

Source – Official Website

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