Winner Of Bengal Election!

Winner Of Bengal Election: Bengal is well known for its appetite for fishes, so let’s take a look at the story of Bengal from the perspective of a pond that contains fishes. The story of the leadership of this place started with a symbiotic relationship between the fishes and an organization, the works of which were exemplary in the beginning just like the fishes themselves, but with time and stagnation, the organization took the form of algae. Algae that was red and it started to choke the fishes of that very pond and the fishes seemed helpless before that grip. A change in the grip came about 11 years ago, in the form of the green algae who took over the red ones by giving them a taste of their own medicine. Though these new rulers claim to have done a lot for the masses, a good number of people differ in their opinion about this. This pond now seems more dirty helpless than ever. With the deadly grip of the green algae, the ignorance and arrogance of it’s own fishes and not to mention the lotuses that are trying their level best to bloom here only. And with that, the power struggle shifted from a battle between the algae, to a floral one. Lotus versus grass flower.

Winner Of Bengal Election

Winner Of Bengal Election

The eight-phased state assembly elections in West Bengal ended on Thursday and now all eyes are on the counting of votes that will take place on Sunday. The game of thrones in West Bengal has been the most dynamic state assembly elections in recent years. Bengal has the highest 294 seats and saw a fierce contest between the ruling Trinamool Congress and BJP.

Even amidst the second wave of the worldwide pandemic, these florists didn’t hesitate from spreading the pollen of their propaganda via rallies and campaigns. Both parties hired celebrity ambassadors to advertise for their sides and attract and convince more and more people to spread seeds of their respective flower. although these parties tried to bloom at the top, the majority got influenced rather by Corona. A contestant that never even participated in the elections, came out as the clear winner. Maybe because it didn’t discriminate in the true sense, and actually did what it’s supposed to do, qualities that are hard to find in political parties these days.

Anyway, regardless of which flower blooms at the top, let’s hope that they don’t become garlands handing around the pictures of those who got victimized in this battle.

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